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  • Graduated from top universities
  • Many hold advanced degrees
  • Many are certified teachers
  • Many have passed our UCSD graduate-level, exclusive certification program
  • Many have had instruction in best practices, theory, relationship building, school advocacy, and learning and behavioral challenges.
  • Content area experts who actively manage their student’s school-related needs
  • Create a unique and positive learning experience



Education: BA, English and Masters in Teaching Secondary English Education, University of Virginia; Virginia Teaching Licensure Secondary English Education

Tutor experience: I have been a full time high school teacher for the past six years. I have experience teaching in both public and private school settings. I have taught every level of College Preparatory English (9-12) as well as Advanced Placement Language and Composition and Advanced Placement Literature and Composition. When I took over the AP English classes at each of my schools, I succeeded in raising the student AP exam scores. I also have experience teaching SAT prep classes.

I have spent a great deal of time teaching a diverse student population. My goal is always to understand student needs and work to meet those needs while encouraging students to appreciate their strengths. I value the individual gifts each student possesses and want to help each child reach his or her full potential, while building confidence.

In addition to being a classroom teacher, I have moderated several clubs and student activities (everything from the Luck O’ the Irish Club to the Diversity Club). In college, I was a co-founder of Kids Acting Out, a volunteer program dedicated to bringing after school drama programs to low-income elementary schools.

What I like about tutoring: Working with students in both academic and creative capacities has always been my passion. I especially enjoy the opportunity to be able to work with students one on one to really get to know them and find ways to best meet their needs. When a student with whom I’ve been working finally gets that A on a test, I feel like I share in the joy and pride.

My favorite subjects: Algebra, Geometry, English, Composition, History, AP Exam and SAT Prep


Education: BA, Spanish with a minor in Mathematics, University of Akron; M.Ed. Candidate, Harvard Graduate School of Education

Tutor experience: Being a K-8 Spanish teacher taught me the importance of making a connection between real life and learning. My goal is to make each lesson engaging by using stories, games, pictures and music while teaching students. I believe strongly in the importance of helping bright students with learning and behavioral differences gain confidence and improve their overall school performance.

What I like about tutoring: One thing that I really like about tutoring is watching a student grow and progress. My greatest joy is when I can help students get excited about learning.

My favorite subjects: Spanish, AP Spanish, Algebra II, Pre-Calculus


Education: BA, English Literature, Davidson College

Tutor experience: As an Academic Manager, my love of learning and proven study techniques result in happier students with better grades. Having tutored a variety of AP classes and college-level humanities courses, I understand the importance of establishing trusting, open communication. By creating an atmosphere of mutual respect, I encourage independent thinking and creativity. In order to alleviate the pressure of schedules bloated with homework assignments and extracurricular activities, I share time-tested organizational and stress-management skills with my students. Armed with these tools, my students experience an immediate boost in self-confidence and see their grades skyrocket.

What I like about tutoring: I find my delight for academia deepened by each new client. One-on-one teaching sparks a rapport between my students and me that rewards our attentiveness with newfound curiosity. Seeing this enthusiasm for learning mirrored in and expanded by my students inspires me and makes each day rewarding.

My favorite subjects: English, History, Political Science, Art History, Foreign Languages


Education: BS, Computer Science, Villanova University; MFA, Screenwriting, Boston University

Tutor experience: As an instructor and student of both technical and creative fields, I have a firm belief that a technical and creative mindset is essential. Even the best writers need structure, and the best technical minds need their artistic side to flourish. With this in mind, I base my teaching style on each student’s individual needs and strengths. I strive to make material as accessible as possible, in order to promote growth and understanding.

What I like about tutoring: I love watching students succeed. I find it very rewarding to help students learn something about the world and about themselves. I love the “whoa!” and “aha!” moments. It’s wonderful to see students realize and capture their true potential.

My favorite subjects: Logic, Computer Science, Writing


Education: BA, Psychology with a minor in Computer Science Engineering, University of Pennsylvania; MA, Clinical Psychology, Pepperdine University

Tutor experience: I have experience working one-on-one with children from grade school through high school. Most of my experience is with students that have been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD. My background in psychology helps me understand what is going on with the student developmentally and allows me to tune into what the student is experiencing.

What I like about tutoring: Confidence-building is an important part of academic management, and the most rewarding moments for me are when students learn that they’re capable of more than they realized.

My favorite subjects: AP Psychology, Life Coaching, Organization


Education: BA, Psychology and Studio Art, Bucknell University; MA, Clinical Psychology and Marriage and Family Therapy, Pepperdine University

Tutor experience: I have worked in academic venues for over ten years as an Academic Manager, a course instructor and a child psychotherapist. I currently direct an early childhood socialization program for students in Malibu.

What I like about tutoring: I have always been interested in the development of children, whether it is social/emotional development or academic development. I believe strongly in the power of the relationship between mentor and mentee and stress that in all of my professional relationships.

My favorite subjects: AP Calculus, Chemistry, Psychology, Trigonometry


Education: MA in German, University of Montpellier, France
MA in French, University of Rouen, France
Psychology courses at Irvine Valley College

Tutor experience: I have more than ten years of experience teaching French to children and adults. I learned to assess a student’s level and needs and to plan adequate and structured lessons. I also enjoy incorporating my background as a yoga instructor, sharing mindfulness and breathing techniques in my language classes if a student feels overwhelmed.

What I like about tutoring: I enjoy interacting with students and building strong relationships. Teaching is a very rewarding profession, and I especially enjoy inspiring students to achieve their best!

My favorite subjects: French, German, English, Psychology


Education: BA, Theatre and Philosophy, Loyola University Chicago

Tutor experience: My teaching experience began while in undergrad, when I co-founded a free-to-attend theatre program for high school juniors and seniors. This work emphasized a sense of play and empowerment, attributes I encourage my students to employ today no matter what the subject. In addition, I’ve been a classroom teacher at the primary level – where I taught a few students on the autism spectrum and some with beginning signs of ADHD – at Chicago’s prestigious prep school, Francis W. Parker. There, I learned that everyone learns differently. It has become my role to foster, encourage and support students as they develop their unique approach to learning.

What I like about tutoring: Assisting someone move into proficiency and develop mechanisms for creativity is a joy equivalent to watching a baby walk for the first time. It’s akin to being present for someone as he or she steps onto the moon or lands a probe on a meteor. When we make progress, we inadvertently go, “Wow,” and then ask, “Okay, what’s next?” That’s a profound experience.

My favorite subjects: English, Writing, Spanish


Education: BA, English with a Minor in Film and Media, University of California, Irvine

Tutor experience: I have taught many subjects, including reading comprehension, writing, literature, grammar, study skills, math, and Spanish. I have been a life-long speaker of Spanish and have taken university-level classes to refine my understanding of the language. I have a natural competence for math and a tremendous passion for English. I love working with kids because I can identify with their avid curiosity, and I understand the importance of stimulating their imagination while developing their intellect.

What I like about tutoring: I have taught many subjects, including reading comprehension, writing, literature, grammar, study skills, math, and Spanish. I have been a life-long speaker of Spanish and have taken university-level classes to refine my understanding of the language. I have a natural competence for math and a tremendous passion for English. I love working with kids because I can identify with their avid curiosity, and I understand the importance of stimulating their imagination while developing their intellect.

My favorite subjects: English, Spanish, Writing, Reading, Literature, Psychology


Education: BA, Psychology and Social Behavior, University of California, Irvine; MA, Clinical Psychology, California State University, Dominguez Hills

Tutor experience: While pursuing my undergraduate degree, I worked with children in preschool through fifth grade in private schools and after-school programs. Later I gained experience working with at-risk youth ages 11-17 in a youth home setting. Most recently I have worked with developmentally delayed children and students diagnosed with developmental disabilities.

What I like about tutoring: My favorite thing about being an Academic Manager is being able to help students build their confidence and realize their potential! I enjoy working with a variety of students and my Psychology background helps me cater to different needs. I love the challenge of determining how to best help each student as I get to know their strengths and what motivates them.

My favorite subjects: Psychology, Spanish, Study Skills, Organization


Education: BA, Film & Television, Boston University (Minor in Psychology)

Tutor experience: Prior to becoming a tutor at Franklin and the non-profit organization 826LA, I worked as a child supervisor at a day program and as a counselor at a sleepaway camp. In addition to providing academic support, I like to engage students at a personal level and put them at ease. The goal is to make schoolwork not feel like a chore but instead a chance for students to ignite their curiosity. I find that most students actually enjoy things like problem solving and writing; they just might not know it yet.

What I like about tutoring: I love when a previously frustrated student feels something click. I love the gratification that comes from the constant problem solving and pattern recognition of math and find it incredibly fulfilling to help students write. Everyone, at a certain level, has a voice he or she wants to share with the world. I take great joy in helping students find their voices.

My favorite subjects: English, Math, Social Studies


Education: BA, American Studies, Yale University

Tutor experience: I have spent many years tutoring for test prep, history, English and college admissions essays, and for elementary grades I have helped with early educational development. I have extensive experience helping people with focus and organizational challenges develop habits that aided them, not only in their academic pursuits, but also in their daily lives. Majoring in American studies taught me an interdisciplinary approach to learning which I’ve found helpful working with kids. By reframing history and literature in terms familiar to them, I help students to grasp broad concepts.

What I like about tutoring: I love helping students “get it.” By finding connections between the materials they study and their personal lives, I like making the curriculum feel more accessible to students. I enjoy providing a creative, emotionally supportive, and judgment-free environment for adolescents where they feel safe to explore their interests and grow their strengths.

My favorite subjects: Writing, Literature, Film Studies, American History


Education: BA, French and International Studies, University of Pennsylvania; BSE, Finance, The Wharton School

Tutor experience: Before becoming an Academic Manager, I worked as a tutor helping students with English, math and standardized test prep primarily in a one-on-one setting. Now, I get to use my skills to empower students more comprehensively, helping them to better organize their study area and their time, to find the study methods that work best and to specifically deal with executive function challenges such as focus/attention in a fun and creative way. My extensive experience with ADHD helps me understand the challenges facing students with executive function challenges or general study/organizational issues.

What I like about tutoring: I love nurturing students’ minds and finding creative ways to explain complicated ideas. There is nothing better in the world than seeing a concept “click” in a student’s head.

My favorite subjects: Math, French, Psychology, Economics


Education: BS, Physics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Tutor experience: I received my Bachelor of Science degree from MIT, where my studies included mathematics, physics, and computer science. I’ve conducted research projects in quantum computation at MIT’s Quanta Lab, as well as in particle physics at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory. My background in science has taught me the importance of understanding complex topics in small, manageable steps first, as well as the importance of care and attention to detail.

What I like about tutoring: I have experience tutoring high school and college level math and science students. I enjoy focusing on the student’s specific challenges and then finding ways to help the student tackle the material. It is truly rewarding to try different approaches and then watch a student come to understand and own the material.

My favorite subjects: Calculus AB and BC, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, AP Computer Science


Education: BA, Mathematics and a Teaching Credential, Susquehanna University

Tutor experience: I taught high school math for several years in both Hawaii and California. During those times, I also coached Junior Varsity basketball at each school. I also taught online tutorials in Algebra, Geometry, and Algebra II. As an Academic Manager, I help students understand and learn new skills in math.

What I like about tutoring: I love to see growth in an individual. The moment when an individual demonstrates complete confidence in his or her performance is when I feel my best as a teacher.

My favorite subjects: Geometry, Algebra II, US History


Education: BA, Theatre and English with a minor in Secondary Education and a Teaching Credential, Loyola University

Tutor experience: As a high school and junior high English teacher, I learned that all students learn in different ways. I have helped many students with anxiety, depression and bi-polar disorder. By focusing on their social and emotional needs, in addition to their academic needs, I help to create a positive and supportive environment that allows my students to grow.

What I like about tutoring: I enjoy collaborating with students. I like asking them questions and finding new ways to look at the material or question at hand. Additionally, I always have fun learning from my students.

My favorite subjects: AP US History, Government, Geometry, World Literature


Education: BA, Environmental Studies and Religious Studies, University of California, Santa Barbara; MA, Philosophy, California State University, Los Angeles

Tutor experience: I have twelve years of experience assisting students in recognizing and achieving their objectives. My ability to quickly establish a rapport and communicate effectively with people of various backgrounds and education enables me to facilitate a positive learning environment for each student. I have taught college level courses at a reputable university, as well as worked with both high school students and children.

What I like about tutoring: I enjoy working with people of all levels of learning aptitude and find inspiration in the challenges and successes that each new experience brings.

My favorite subjects: Philosophy, Writing, Algebra II, Trigonometry


Education: BA, Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity, Stanford University; MA, Education and a California Single Subject Teaching Credential, Stanford University

Tutor experience: Over the course of my teaching career, I have worked with a wide range of ages and classroom settings. My classroom experience has helped me understand how to engage learners with a variety of strengths and needs. Both in the classroom and in one-on-one settings, I have worked to provide students with specific strategies to improve their skills, deepen their understanding, and develop a more positive, academic self-image.

What I like about tutoring: I enjoy working with young people—their promise and wisdom, humor and insight inspire and teach me while I work to inspire and teach them.

My favorite subjects: English, Algebra, History, Science


Education: BS, Physiological Sciences with a Minor in Philosophy, UCLA

Tutor experience: I have always enjoyed working with students of all ages and helping them make connections enjoy the learning process. Before I began working with FRANKLIN, I worked as an undergraduate teaching assistant at UCLA, teaching students essential tools for succeeding in class and how to best manage the complex demands of school. I also worked as a resident advisor, offering counseling and academic assistance to students, and as a workshop leader in time management at UCLA’s for-students-by-students tutoring center in Covel Commons.

What I like about tutoring: I enjoy teaching students how to learn by tackling problems in different ways. My favorite part of teaching is getting to know the students and building their confidence in all areas, not just academics.

My favorite subjects: Math, Biology, Philosophy, Writing

Elizabeth G

Education: BA, Writing, Johns Hopkins University

Tutor experience: My approach to education has been shaped by my experience in special education and youth mentorship. As an instructional aide, I have extensive experience crafting individual curriculums for students with special needs, dyslexia and autism. As a mentor to at risk-kids, I worked with students to overcome personal challenges and discover their own voices. As a tutor and educator, I’ve helped students to master subjects ranging from foreign language to SAT prep. I like to work closely with students to discover how to relate to subject matter in fresh, exciting ways and feel inspired and empowered by the learning process.

What I like about tutoring: I believe all students are unique and have their own special brand of genius. I love the process of helping each student discover his or her strengths, and how to use these gifts to their greatest potential. It’s an exciting and extraordinary journey!

My favorite subjects: Writing, Reading Comprehension, History, Government, French, Biology


Education: BA, Political Science, University of Michigan; MEd, UCLA

Tutor experience: After graduating from college, I joined Teach for America, where I taught both Kindergarten and High School in South Central Los Angeles for over two years. While teaching, I received a Master’s in Education from UCLA and wrote a thesis on incorporating a multicultural curriculum in inner-city classrooms. I facilitated a few courses at the University of Michigan for college students, and I have always been extremely passionate about education, and making sure that students are able to feel confident about what they do.

What I like about tutoring: I enjoy creating a love for learning. I find that most students excel in subjects that they find interesting, insightful, and are able to make connections to things that they enjoy. When a teacher can make a history lesson about ancient civilizations come alive and provide opportunities for students to explore these concepts in a real-word fashion, students not only learn, but have a desire to do so.

My favorite subjects: History, Philosophy, Science, Law


Education: BS, Human Services, California State University, Fullerton; MA, Special Education and a Mild/Moderate Disabilities Credential, Loyola Marymount University; MEd and a Reading Specialist Credential, California State University, Los Angeles

Tutor experience: I have eight years of classroom experience teaching elementary and middle school and many years of experience working with students of all ages, including those with learning exceptionalities. In addition, I ha


Education: BA, French; BA, Psychology; UCLA

Tutor experience: I studied Psychology and French at the University of California, Los Angeles. My time management and organizational skills were effective in enabling me to pursue these two very diverse areas of study. Throughout my courses in child/adolescent development, psychology in education, cognitive psychology, and fundamentals of learning, I gained knowledge of how to increase learning efficiency and improve memory retention. Prior to becoming an Academic Manager, I spent three years volunteering as a one-on-one tutor in reading comprehension and writing skills. In early 2013, I volunteered with the UCLA Educational Psychology department, mentoring and advising middle school students to link academic success to their level of effort in school. My communication and organizational skills were beneficial while tutoring these students through their challenges with math.

What I like about tutoring: I genuinely value helping others achieve their potential through building a trusting working relationship. I enjoy the experience of breakthrough discovery moments with students, helping them think more broadly and guiding them through the problem-solving process. The learner’s growth in skills usage, self-confidence, and empowerment is exciting for me. I like the opportunity to be both a mentor and role model to the children with whom I work. Their success is my ultimate goal.

My favorite subjects: Math, Writing/Reading comprehension, French, Psychology


Education: BFA, Theatre Arts, Boston University

Tutoring Experience: After graduating from BU, I moved back to South Florida and began tutoring at my former high school, American Heritage,6-8 hours a day, five days a week.I worked with children from age 7 to 15 in various subjects, but primarily Math and English. Since moving to Los Angeles,I’ve worked closely with numerous students and families, aiding in Math, English, History, Science, and Test Prep. The children with whomI worked saw an increase in test scores and overall grades, and gained confidence in their learning and studying strategies.

What I like about tutoring: During my time in Ghana volunteering in elementary and secondary schools, I recognized my desire to help shape a child’s education. It’s important for me to create an exciting and nurturing environment where students feel safe and eager to ask questions.I look forward to combining this with the superior training Ireceivedfrom Franklin Educational Services to address each child’s challenges.

My favorite subjects: Algebra, Geometry, English, History


Education: B.F.A. at Eastern New Mexico University; Master’s Degree in Communication, Eastern New Mexico University

Tutor experience: Theatre Arts Instructor at Mountain Middle School, teaching sixth, seventh, and eighth graders.

What I like about tutoring: I believe that students benefit when given the opportunity to utilize course work in real world applications, rather than memorize and recite information. I strive to provide a varied work environment that uses multiple teaching techniques to best help a child succeed.

My favorite subjects: English Literature, History, Music Theory, Mathematics, Chemistry, and Biology


Education: BS; Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology; UCLA

Tutor experience: From working with a wide range of students, I have been able to develop tutoring techniques for many different types of learners. I recognize that comprehension of material is only a piece of the puzzle, and that organization, time-management, and effective study habits are required for academic success. Franklin stresses these same principles. With my Franklin training, my content knowledge, and my year of tutoring experience, I am able to improve student performance and motivation.

What I like about tutoring: I believe that all students are capable of learning and excelling in their courses, but that sometimes they have difficulty because of the way the material was taught. Working one-on-one with a student gives me the great advantage of focusing on an individual and shaping the lessons based on his or her needs. It also allows me to provide mentorship in order to empower my students.

My favorite subjects: Molecular/Cell/Microbiology, Chemistry, Physics


Education: BS, Elementary Education, University of Illinois; Middle School Endorsements in Language Arts, Social Science, and Spanish

Tutor experience: I spent several years teaching at a public school on the south side of Chicago, while also working as a private tutor in the city’s north shore suburbs. Since moving to LA in 2012, I have continued to work with a diversity of students on their coursework, general organization skills, and test prep for the ISEE, HSPT, and SAT/ACT.

What I like about tutoring: I enjoy meeting new students and establishing strong, mutually respectful relationships with them. Once I have an understanding of their unique strengths, challenges, and goals, I can tailor my lessons so that they stay engaged and motivated. My philosophy borrows heavily from the “Nurtured Heart Approach,” which is rooted in support and positivity.

My favorite subjects: Algebra, Geometry, English, and Test Prep


Education: BA, Film/TV, University of California, Los Angeles; MFA, Screenwriting, University of California, Los Angeles

Tutor experience: I have worked with students from elementary school through college in a variety of subjects including Algebra, U.S. History, Civics, English, Spanish, and Creative Writing. I have experience with providing intervention reading support; I’ve helped students develop strong reading comprehension skills, boost vocabulary, and grow confident in reading fluency. Through practice and repeated application, my students have developed key executive functioning skills such as prioritizing tasks, managing time, organizing one’s work space, and developing awareness of one’s personal work habits in order to learn effectively.

What I like about tutoring: One of my favorite things about teaching is getting to know my students and learning about their interests; from there, we can begin to foster their natural creativity and intellectual curiosity. I see in my students their great potential. I strive to help them reach it so that they may go on to do great things and make the world a better place.

My favorite subjects: English, Writing, History


Education: BFA, Musical Theatre, University of Miami

Tutor Experience: I have used my creative background to ensure that every session is tailor-made to each student. When I find the approach that works best with someone, I strive to make each session as fun and efficient as possible. I believe that building confidence in a subject is incredibly important. If students believe they can do it, they are less likely to get in their own way. I have taught all subjects in 7th through 12th grade, as well as the Laurel Springs curriculum.

What I like about tutoring: I love taking a subject that a student is not comfortable with and decoding it in order to make it enjoyable.I have encountered many students who believe they aren’t capable of success in a certain subject, and I pride myself on changing their minds.

My Favorite Subjects: Algebra, Statistics, Biology, Theatre Arts


Education: BS, Theatre & Communications Studies, Northwestern University

Tutor experience: I have worked with a wide range of students from age 7 to 17. Subjects include Basic Math, Algebra, English, Literature, Social Studies, History, Spanish and SAT Reading/Writing Prep. Additionally, I worked as a Teaching Artist in NYC with a program that integrated Education, Literature and Live Theatre.

What I like about tutoring: I love working one-on-one with students. It is so rewarding to watch my students’ confidence grow as they see results from their hard work.

My favorite subjects: Literature, Psychology, Sociology, Math

Nick S

Education: BA, US History with a minor in English, Columbia University; MA, Literature, Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, Brazil

Tutor experience: While earning my Master’s degree, I taught Writing Composition to undergraduates and English as a Second Language to middle and high school students. At Franklin, I tutor several subjects in the Humanities, as well as Math and Science. I also do Test Prep for the SAT, ACT, and ISEE and help college and graduate school applicants craft their personal statements.

What I like about tutoring: I love the process of engaging students’ unique strengths and interests to help them overcome challenges. It’s always a thrill for me to help young people discover a new approach to a difficult problem and see the confidence they gain from solving it.

My favorite subjects: English, History, Geometry, Test Prep, College Essays

Rachel T

Education: BA, Biology, Minor in Dance, Washington University in St Louis; MAT, Education, Loyola Marymount University; MA, School Administration, CSUN; CA cleared Teaching Credential in Secondary Science; CA preliminary Administrative Credential

Tutor Experience: I began my career in education as a member of the 2005 Los Angeles Teach for America corps. I taught 7th and 8th grade Science in LAUSD for six years. In addition to teaching, I was the Science Department chair, mentor teacher, technology coordinator, and cheerleading coach. I gained many strategies during my years as a classroom instructor that allow me to be an effective tutor. I also have extensive educational experience working for Teach for America as a Learning Team Facilitator and Institute Curriculum Specialist. I have been working as an Academic Manager for 3 years while concurrently running the programming for an education non-profit I co-founded called HYPE Los Angeles. We prepare low-income students for the private high school admissions process.

What I like about tutoring: Teaching is my passion. I love watching students reach their full potential and gain confidence in their abilities. It is a great moment to watch a student grasp a new concept, and as a tutor, I enjoy working with students one-on-one to really see them reach that “ah-ha!” moment.

My favorite subjects: AP Biology, General Science, Study Skills, and ISEE Test Prep


Education: BA, Theater with Concentration in Pre-Medicine, Loyola University of Chicago

Tutor experience: I have been a tutor for eight years and worked with a variety of students with different learning and organizational needs. My patience, sense of humor, and ability to connect have been instrumental in helping students. Through Franklin, I have developed new strategies for managing the emerging executive functioning skills of my students in addition to supporting their academic courses. I also own and teach at a studio that empowers performers called The Creative Artists Lab.

What I like about tutoring: I genuinely care about every individual I work with and enjoy working as both a mentor and a tutor. I find teaching to be a very rewarding experience and love to see my students gain confidence in their own problem-solving abilities.

My favorite subjects: Mathematics, Science, Spanish, English, Psychology, ISEE Test Preparation

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  • We have used Franklin Educational Services for seven years. We have three children with ADD and various degrees of learning challenges. Dr. Franklin has provided wonderful academic managers / tutors who have provided our kids with tools and strategies to excel despite their challenges. Dr. Franklin does an exceptional job screening and training his academic managers / tutors. Each one has gone above and beyond what we have expected. They are responsible, highly qualified, easy to work with and caring. Our primary academic manager has worked with our children for the entire seven year period. We and our children adore her. Our two oldest are now going to excellent colleges and this simply would not have been possible without Dr. Franklin’s talented, highly qualified staff, who have changed their lives with their skill, genuine concern and dedication.

  • Franklin Educational Services has done an AMAZING job in helping my daughter, as well as many of my friends children.  I have used their services for well over 10 years and their support, guidance, expertise in getting coaches and tutors . Their employees and tutors are fantastic. They  are RELIABLE CARING, and BRIGHT, SUPPORTIVE, working with you throughout the  educational process. I f one coach or tutor is not the right fit they will immediately listen to your input and needs and find the right fit for the child’s progress. My daughter still feels close to several of her past coaches  and is thankful for their encouragement and support which gave her the confidence to push herself and succeed.

  • I have used Franklin Education’s academic managers for my own children for a number of years and have always been more than pleased with their professionalism and level of academic support. Franklin’s highly trained academic managers have a deep knowledge of their subject areas, as well as an understanding of different learning styles. As a psychotherapist, I refer to the company often. One of my clients also benefitted from their on-site one-to-one schooling program. I couldn’t offer a higher recommendation.

  • This past year, into the second half of the school semester our daughter was failing math.  We were puzzled by this because otherwise she’s a straight A student, but every test/quiz taken was a D or an F.  I should also mention she had math homework almost every night which would diligently be completed and turned in and received an A just for doing the work.  The teacher never reviews the homework so when we checked in with Jupiter Grades (she’s in public middle school), the system would show all A’s for homework and F’s and D’s on all tests and quizzes.  For whatever reason, our daughter was not absorbing the lessons being taught in class.  Facing an F in the subject and desperate for help we reached out to Franklin Education seeking a tutor.  I got a response almost immediately and after filling out some easy forms on-line and answering a few questions about our daughter academically, they matched us with the perfect tutor.  Our daughter immediately responded to her.  The tutor took the time to go over the math homework and explained how to solve the problems in a way that made logical sense.  After two sessions, our daughter aced her next test with an A+.  She ended up getting a B in the course which we will take, much better than an F, plus she had a long way to go since we were already deep into the second semester.  If we reached out earlier she would have earned an A+ in math.  We are counting on that A+ this next school year and Franklin Education and our beloved tutor will be by our daughter’s side again.

  • Franklin Educational Services offers superior educational support that benefits children and families in multiple ways. Dr. Franklin is committed to providing every family with the highest quality educational support. His company has outstanding customer service and a personalized approach. His excellent instructors are dedicated educators who take their work seriously. I have experienced the excellence of Franklin Educational Services as a parent and as a professional, and I recommend this company without reservation.

  • Parents strive to find the best educational placement and support for their children during the tougher-years of their academic growth – FranklinEd is the place, and his instructors provide the support. I have been an instructor working with Dr. Franklin for 11 yrs. My experience here has been positive on all fronts; we have an excellent support team, and everyone is genuinely interested in helping. It has been the best work placement I have ever had, my experience with the students has been professionally-defining; I look forward to the future with FranklinEd.

  • I have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Daniel Franklin for the past three years as a teacher.  During this time, I have worked both as a homeschool instructor in the Brentwood Learning Center as well as an academic manager with students after school in their homes. My experience has been extraordinary! I have consistently found that Dr. Franklin and his staff are committed to excellence; they have always been incredibly supportive not only to the students and families for whom we provide educational services, but also to instructors. They maintain an unwavering devotion to professionalism and provide ongoing opportunities for continuing education so that the service we offer to students is superb in quality.  I am delighted to embark upon my fourth year working with Franklin Educational Services and look forward to another great year!

  • As an Instructor at the Franklin Educational Services Learning Center in Brentwood, I am so fortunate to witness students’ exponential academic growth on a daily basis. At Franklin Educational Services, students are offered a quality education based on best practices and administered by caring and qualified professionals. The positive learning environment created by the Franklin staff is incredibly conducive to learning, stimulating to creativity and welcoming to students. This is because the approach at Franklin Educational Services prioritizes each student’s specific needs, student enjoyment and the removal of stressors from the learning process. As a teacher, I highly recommend Franklin Educational Services for students at all levels due to the remarkable success students experience under this approach. Ms. Lisa, M.A.E.