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Franklin Staff

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Executive Director

Rachel Fisher, MA

Over the course of her career, Rachel has sought to create inspiring educational environments that promote the emotional well-being and leadership skills of children and young adults. Rachel graduated with Honors from University of California, Santa Cruz with a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology. She also holds a Master of Arts in Anthropology from California State University, Los Angeles. Prior to joining Franklin, Rachel served as Production Manager for a health education magazine for underserved communities and as COO for a start-up integrative health website. Rachel joined Franklin Educational Services in 2009 as Director of Research and Development. In this capacity, Rachel conducted educational research, collaborated on outreach projects, and co-authored articles. In her increased role as Executive Director, Rachel oversees daily operations and manages Franklin staff. Her goal is to ensure that all Franklin students receive the support they need to be successful throughout their academic careers. In addition to her work at Franklin, Rachel volunteers in the classrooms of her school-age children.

Director of Education

Eric Bumatay

Eric graduated from New York University with a double major in Film & TV Production and US History. He has worked with Franklin Educational Services since 2015, where he began as an Academic Manager and Homeschool Tutor.

After working as a research and writing assistant to Dr. Franklin on Dr. Franklin's book, Helping Your Child with Language-Based Learning Disabilities, Eric joined the Franklin staff working as Franklin's Director of Special Projects. In this role, Eric managed Franklin's projects including book marketing, course creation and maintenance, and Learning Center events. Now, as Director of Education, Eric oversees and coordinates all of Franklin's Los Angeles placements, tutors, and manages the Brentwood Learning Center.

Site Director – Orange County

Dominique Marinello

Dominique entered the field of education to help students acquire a love of learning and foster their intellectual curiosity. She graduated with honors from Chapman University and then completed a Post-Baccalaureate Program in Psychology and Social Behavior at the University of California, Irvine. Additionally, Dominique has been a research assistant at both Harvard University and the University of Southern California where she participated in projects that examined the impacts of social interaction on learning and well-being.

Having previously worked as an Academic Manager for Franklin, Dominique has honed her ability to adeptly respond to the unique learning profiles of students. As Orange County Site Director, Dominique works closely with families, clinicians, and instructors to create comprehensive academic and executive functioning plans that address each student’s social, emotional and learning needs. 

Business Manager

Colleen Walsh


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  • We have used Franklin Educational Services for seven years. We have three children with ADD and various degrees of learning challenges. Dr. Franklin has provided wonderful academic managers / tutors who have provided our kids with tools and strategies to excel despite their challenges. Dr. Franklin does an exceptional job screening and training his academic managers / tutors. Each one has gone above and beyond what we have expected. They are responsible, highly qualified, easy to work with and caring. Our primary academic manager has worked with our children for the entire seven year period. We and our children adore her. Our two oldest are now going to excellent colleges and this simply would not have been possible without Dr. Franklin’s talented, highly qualified staff, who have changed their lives with their skill, genuine concern and dedication.

  • Franklin Educational Services has done an AMAZING job in helping my daughter, as well as many of my friends children.  I have used their services for well over 10 years and their support, guidance, expertise in getting coaches and tutors . Their employees and tutors are fantastic. They  are RELIABLE CARING, and BRIGHT, SUPPORTIVE, working with you throughout the  educational process. I f one coach or tutor is not the right fit they will immediately listen to your input and needs and find the right fit for the child’s progress. My daughter still feels close to several of her past coaches  and is thankful for their encouragement and support which gave her the confidence to push herself and succeed.

  • I have used Franklin Education’s academic managers for my own children for a number of years and have always been more than pleased with their professionalism and level of academic support. Franklin’s highly trained academic managers have a deep knowledge of their subject areas, as well as an understanding of different learning styles. As a psychotherapist, I refer to the company often. One of my clients also benefitted from their on-site one-to-one schooling program. I couldn’t offer a higher recommendation.

  • This past year, into the second half of the school semester our daughter was failing math.  We were puzzled by this because otherwise she’s a straight A student, but every test/quiz taken was a D or an F.  I should also mention she had math homework almost every night which would diligently be completed and turned in and received an A just for doing the work.  The teacher never reviews the homework so when we checked in with Jupiter Grades (she’s in public middle school), the system would show all A’s for homework and F’s and D’s on all tests and quizzes.  For whatever reason, our daughter was not absorbing the lessons being taught in class.  Facing an F in the subject and desperate for help we reached out to Franklin Education seeking a tutor.  I got a response almost immediately and after filling out some easy forms on-line and answering a few questions about our daughter academically, they matched us with the perfect tutor.  Our daughter immediately responded to her.  The tutor took the time to go over the math homework and explained how to solve the problems in a way that made logical sense.  After two sessions, our daughter aced her next test with an A+.  She ended up getting a B in the course which we will take, much better than an F, plus she had a long way to go since we were already deep into the second semester.  If we reached out earlier she would have earned an A+ in math.  We are counting on that A+ this next school year and Franklin Education and our beloved tutor will be by our daughter’s side again.

  • Franklin Educational Services offers superior educational support that benefits children and families in multiple ways. Dr. Franklin is committed to providing every family with the highest quality educational support. His company has outstanding customer service and a personalized approach. His excellent instructors are dedicated educators who take their work seriously. I have experienced the excellence of Franklin Educational Services as a parent and as a professional, and I recommend this company without reservation.

  • Parents strive to find the best educational placement and support for their children during the tougher-years of their academic growth – FranklinEd is the place, and his instructors provide the support. I have been an instructor working with Dr. Franklin for 11 yrs. My experience here has been positive on all fronts; we have an excellent support team, and everyone is genuinely interested in helping. It has been the best work placement I have ever had, my experience with the students has been professionally-defining; I look forward to the future with FranklinEd.

  • I have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Daniel Franklin for the past three years as a teacher.  During this time, I have worked both as a homeschool instructor in the Brentwood Learning Center as well as an academic manager with students after school in their homes. My experience has been extraordinary! I have consistently found that Dr. Franklin and his staff are committed to excellence; they have always been incredibly supportive not only to the students and families for whom we provide educational services, but also to instructors. They maintain an unwavering devotion to professionalism and provide ongoing opportunities for continuing education so that the service we offer to students is superb in quality.  I am delighted to embark upon my fourth year working with Franklin Educational Services and look forward to another great year!

  • As an Instructor at the Franklin Educational Services Learning Center in Brentwood, I am so fortunate to witness students’ exponential academic growth on a daily basis. At Franklin Educational Services, students are offered a quality education based on best practices and administered by caring and qualified professionals. The positive learning environment created by the Franklin staff is incredibly conducive to learning, stimulating to creativity and welcoming to students. This is because the approach at Franklin Educational Services prioritizes each student’s specific needs, student enjoyment and the removal of stressors from the learning process. As a teacher, I highly recommend Franklin Educational Services for students at all levels due to the remarkable success students experience under this approach. Ms. Lisa, M.A.E.