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Franklin refers tutors for all subjects, including AP courses and foreign languages. We also have reading, writing, and test prep specialists.
Academic Management is a highly structured approach to tutoring that helps students learn content, complete homework and prepare for tests while developing essential study and organizational skills. Academic Management promotes a relationship- and strength-based approach to create a positive environment for students to learn the skills they need to be successful in school.
Yes. Dr. Franklin is a Board Certified Educational Therapist who practices clinical educational therapy. After reviewing evaluations from allied professionals and evaluating each student himself, Dr. Franklin determines and oversees the appropriate remediation.
Franklin-referred tutors work with students from kindergarten through graduate school.
Franklin-referred tutors work with students throughout Orange County and greater Los Angeles, including Pasadena, Westlake Village, Newhall, the South Bay, and everywhere in between.
No. We welcome you to enroll in our services without making a long-term commitment.
Your child’s needs determine the frequency of sessions. Sessions range from one-to-five days a week for one-to-four hours per session. An average schedule is two-to-three, hour-and-a-half sessions per week. Lessons will be scheduled to accommodate your family’s logistical needs.

Franklin-referred tutors are available year round on weekdays and weekends.
Session locations are at the discretion of the family and tutor. Sessions usually take place at your home, but they can also take place virtually, or at our Learning Centers in Brentwood and Newport Beach. Occasionally, sessions are held at other locations, such as schools or libraries.
Students’ needs vary greatly. Some students work with us on a short-term basis to address specific goals, while others receive ongoing support. We frequently assess the pace and progress of each program.
Yes. We offer a fully accredited K-12 home schooling program. One-on-one instruction allows students to learn at their own pace. Homeschooling is available for either individual courses or full course loads and is provided at your home, online, or at our Learning Centers.
Yes. Franklin-referred tutors work with dyslexia, ADHD, executive functioning challenges, anxiety, autism spectrum disorders, and a broad range of other difficulties.
The tutors we refer can make sure they know all of your child’s assignments. If they are not recorded, tutors can check the school’s website and contact teachers as needed. Tutors can make sure the requirements of each assignment are fulfilled. With regard to homework submission, the tutors we refer can help your child come up with individualized systems, such as “turn-it-in” folders or phone reminders. Between sessions, Franklin-referred tutors can be in touch with your child to ensure routines are maintained.
Franklin promotes consistently develop your child’s study skills in the authentic context of preparing for actual tests and quizzes. Referred tutors can create individualized study plans for each test. Some children learn best with flashcards, some with re-reading. Many children benefit from a multimodality approach. Franklin-referred tutors can also make sure to know the format of the test, and, with family approval, can ask your child’s teacher for information, as needed. Franklin-referred tutors teach your child ways to recognize what the teacher considers most important and therefore what is most likely to be tested.
Tutors can proactively break down writing assignments into step-by-step tasks. Tutors we refer can coach your child in decision-making so he or she selects engaging topics, and can teach your child how to brainstorm and turn his or her thoughts into writing. Tutors can also teach your child how to identify sources, develop arguments, create outlines, structure analysis, and compose and edit drafts.
Franklin-referred tutors can help your child maintain a distraction-free work environment, make the material as interesting as possible, build in time for breaks, and use several modalities to make content accessible and engaging. 
Franklin-referred tutors can become your child’s organizational coach. Using a hands-on approach, tutors can proactively model organization in every session. Working with your child, tutors can organize backpacks and work areas, including desks and filing cabinets. 
We believe study skills are best learned in the authentic context of actual studying. While preparing for tests and quizzes, Franklin-referred tutors teach your child how to study based on his or her unique strengths and challenges. Tutors can review old tests to determine what went right and what went wrong. With this insight, tutors can develop your child’s understanding of which methods work best for him or her. We help your child create study plans for each type of test. 
Franklin-referred tutors consistently model time-management skills with your child, and can help your child plan each session and each assignment. In addition to the proactive scaffolding we provide for short-term planning, tutors can systematically develop your child’s ability to plan long term. Among the many tools Franklin-referred tutors may use are wall calendars, goal setting, agendas, and phone and computer reminders.
Franklin encourages pre-teaching so your child is familiar with material before it is presented in class. Franklin-referred tutors can take an active role in reviewing any new material your child learns between sessions and, if needed, re-teaching in the manner best suited to his or her needs. 
After carefully analyzing your child’s diagnostic tests, Franklin-referred test prep tutors can design individualized test prep programs. Programs include extensive instruction on each question type and multiple proctored practice tests. Tutors can help your child succeed by improving guessing strategy, timing, and process-of-elimination.
Independence and confidence are closely linked. Tutoring can help your child develop the skills he or she needs and the confidence to use them. The tutors we refer can help build your child’s skills through extensive modeling and scaffolding. As your child develops the skills needed for school success, Franklin-referred tutors, who are carefully attuned to your child’s growth, scale back scaffolding and build in independent tasks.
Motivation improves when children feel they have the tools needed to do well. Tutoring can promote your child’s self-efficacy so he or she feels equipped to succeed. The tutors we refer can work with your child to make sure he or she is on top of all assignments (daily homework and long-term projects) and prepared to focus in class. Through a positive attachment relationship, Franklin-referred tutors can build your child’s motivation and enthusiasm for school.

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