Considering 1:1 Schooling

Individualized learning has become extremely popular. In 1:1 schooling, or home schooling, a child cannot be left behind, passed over, or left to fall through the cracks. Students not only discover a more direct path to content mastery, but have time left over to explore personal interests. At Franklin, we frequently meet families interested in 1:1 schooling but who hesitate because they are confused about which program to choose, doubt that a 1:1 program will adequately prepare their child for college and the working world, and most commonly, worry that a smaller learning environment will prevent their child from developing social skills. It’s understandable these concerns arise, but more often than not, Franklin families find increased opportunities for the social, emotional, and academic growth of their children.


There is an incredible amount of diversity among homeschooling programs. There are programs for accelerated learners and college prep, programs for students who prefer project-based learning, and flexibly-paced programs that accommodate multiple moderate learning differences. We help families identify which curriculum will best fit their child’s learning characteristics and academic goals, and help to identify the talented, dynamic educators to implement instruction.

The flexibility and efficiency of 1:1 Schooling compared to traditional classroom learning results in ample time for students to pursue their extra-curricular interests and, for high school students, internships. Increased flexibility also allows instructors to incorporate interest-based material to keep even the most complicated subjects engaging.

1:1 schooling students may spend time with one teacher, but there are still plenty of opportunities to connect with peers. In addition to the substantial local and world-wide homeschooling communities, Franklin’s 1:1 schooling students come together often during the year for field trips, group projects, semester showcases, seasonal parties, and birthday celebrations. Our small setting helps students with slowly emerging social skills improve their conversational skills and capacities for collaboration.

It’s possible to choose 1:1 schooling without making a permanent switch. Families can try it for a subject, a semester, or a year to see how it goes. We work with students who are in between schools, recently relocated, or need to reset their educational paths. If 1:1 schooling does not turn out to be a long-term fit, a good program will help families transition smoothly. It’s one of the reasons Franklin also offers school placement consulting, after-school tutoring, and college transition planning. When our families choose a new direction, we work together to create a seamless, positive experience. It’s a privilege to participate in a child’s education wherever the journey leads.

Have you considered or tried 1:1 schooling for your child? Please share your thoughts and experiences. We want to hear from you.


Rachel Fisher

Executive Director

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