ADHD and Executive Functioning Delays?

Children with ADHD and slowly emerging executive functioning skills experience challenges with focus, organization, time management, and many other capacities required for success at school. Franklin-approved tutors support students with ADHD and executive functioning by taking a highly proactive, collaborative role to bridge the gap between a student’s ability and the demands of school. This approach allows students to develop executive functioning skills in an authentic context — that is, while actually managing the demands of school.



A Strength and Relationship-Based Approach

By building positive and collaborative relationships with each student, Franklin-approved tutors optimize learning outcomes while promoting skill development and motivation.

A Focus on Building Executive Functioning Skills

Franklin-approved tutors establish collaborative organizational systems and time-management strategies with their students. Tutors model these executive functioning skills while students complete homework and prepare for tests.

Franklin-approved tutors can support students in the following areas:

Organization – Franklin-approved tutors use modeling and scaffolding to give students frequent opportunities to observe and engage in effective organization.

Time Management – Franklin-approved tutors collaborate with students to develop individualized strategies to meet short-term and long-term goals.


Bringing Attention to a Task – Franklin-approved tutors express genuine curiosity about each assignment in order to draw a student’s attention to the task at hand.

Shifting Attention at Appropriate Time – Franklin-approved tutors recognize that student participation is critical for smooth transitions from one task to another. Franklin-approved tutors offer gentle prompts to move from one activity to another.

Short-Term Memory – Franklin-approved tutors offer structured support to help students effectively process incoming information and organize their ideas.

Long-Term Memory – Franklin-approved tutors help students develop study skills and transfer information from short-term memory to long-term memory by using a variety of evidence-based strategies.

Motivation and Effort – Franklin-approved tutors understand that motivation and effort are highly related; both can be promoted by helping students understand the value of their work and by developing individualized systems to measure success.

Emotional Regulation – Franklin-approved tutors model reflective thought processes and promote self-awareness to help students contend with the demands of school.