Mary Oliver reading to her beloved Bichon, Percy.                 {Photo Credit: Rachel Brown}


I have known Daniel Franklin for most of his life.  We share a passion for teaching and learning; for years it has been a subject of deep conversation between us.  One of the things I admire is the way Daniel places the health of the relationship between his students and teachers ahead of all other considerations.  Also, his understanding that learning differences naturally occur from child to child and must be recognized and honored. In this age, when students are viewed as products and their humanity gets lost in the process, Daniel’s approach is a remarkable breath of fresh air. I marvel at both the compassion and knowledge that Daniel and his dedicated staff possess.  As a poet it is my joy to be astonished by all that is around me.  Daniel recognizes, and his work expresses, a similar astonishment at the potential of every student and family with whom he works.

-Mary Oliver, May 1, 2008                                                                            

Winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry, and The National Book Award for Poetry

We have used Franklin Educational Services for seven years. Our two oldest are now going to excellent colleges and this simply would not have been possible without Dr. Franklin’s talented, highly qualified staff, who have changed their lives with their skill, genuine concern and dedication.

Arlyn, parent

Franklin Educational Services has done an AMAZING job in helping my daughter, as well as many of my friends children. I have used their services for well over 10 years. Their employees and tutors are RELIABLE CARING, and BRIGHT, SUPPORTIVE, working with you throughout the educational process.

Anna, parent

Franklin’s highly trained academic managers have a deep knowledge of their subject areas, as well as an understanding of different learning styles. As a psychotherapist, I refer to the company often.

Julia, parent

Our daughter was not absorbing the lessons being taught in class. Facing an F in the subject and desperate for help we reached out to Franklin Education seeking a tutor. I got a response almost immediately and after filling out some easy forms on-line and answering a few questions about our daughter academically, they matched us with the perfect tutor. Our daughter immediately responded to her. After two sessions, our daughter aced her next test with an A+.

Maria, parent

Franklin Educational Services offers superior educational support that benefits children and families in multiple ways. Dr. Franklin is committed to providing every family with the highest quality educational support. His company has outstanding customer service and a personalized approach.

Richard, parent

I have been an instructor working with Dr. Franklin for 11 yrs. My experience here has been positive on all fronts; we have an excellent support team, and everyone is genuinely interested in helping. It has been the best work placement I have ever had, my experience with the students has been professionally-defining.

Peter, educator

Dr. Franklin and his staff are committed to excellence; they have always been incredibly supportive not only to the students and families for whom we provide educational services, but also to instructors. They maintain an unwavering devotion to professionalism and provide ongoing opportunities for continuing education so that the service we offer to students is superb in quality.

Elizabeth, educator

At Franklin Educational Services, students are offered a quality education based on best practices and administered by caring and qualified professionals. The positive learning environment created by the Franklin staff is incredibly conducive to learning, stimulating to creativity and welcoming to students.

Lisa, parent

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