Home Schooling and Independent Study Option

who-help-img-2Increasingly, many families are choosing home schooling and independent study as an alternative to traditional school placement.  This trend is nationwide and the number of students choosing home schooling and independent study is increasing at the rate of approximately 2% per year.  In addition to many of the usual conveniences of home school such as flexible schedules, flexible locations, and the ability to rapidly adapt material to best suit a student’s learning needs and interests, recent findings indicate that students who are home schooled, also perform as well or better in college than traditionally schooled students.

Although many home school students are taught by their parents or work independently, increasingly students are finding it more enjoyable and more productive to work with an in-home teacher or tutor who implements a home school curriculum.  In addition to learning traditional content as specified by the California State Standards, many home school students also pursue their personal interests in home school subjects such as specialized sciences, engineering, and computer programming.

Regulations concerning home school vary from one state to another.  In general, most students are expected to spend at least 15 hours per week engaged in study.  California government offers state standards for what material should be taught each year of school.

Although there are many curriculums available, we recommend fully accredited, WASC-approved curriculums, like the one offered by distance learning programs such as Laurel Springs.


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