Transitioning to home school

Transitioning from one school to another mid-year may not be common, but it does happen frequently. It usually happens after a family has been unhappy throughout the fall and feels intuitively that their current school is not a match for their child – whether it’s socially, academically or a combination of both.

Some private, independent schools have space for mid-year transfers. If you are interested in another school, contact the admissions team to see if they have an opening. You’ll want to prepare a little before you reach out. Consider collecting your thoughts about:

Why you are interested in this particular school

Why you did not apply during their standard application/enrollment period

If you would like to explain what is currently not going well for your child, then you will need to explain what you have done to address the problem(s) AND why you think the situation will be different at this school

Another option for a new school environment is home school. The number of children and families choosing home schooling has exploded in recent years. There are a variety of programs to choose from. Some programs provide complete curriculum and teacher access, while others encourage high levels of parent participation.

At Franklin, we understand that sometimes students need a “reset.” It’s okay for schoolwork to be challenging, but school challenges should inspire motivation and curiosity. When challenges exceed a student’s capacities or a student is repeatedly forced into situations that lead to feelings of shame or inferiority, the student is in the wrong learning environment. We offer year-round, rolling admission for K-12 home schooling, providing the connectivity that leads to educational recovery and progress.

Every student deserves a great spring semester. Sometimes you need to change schools to make that happen.


Rachel Fisher, MA

Executive Director


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