What’s a Kid to Do This Summer? Take Summer Classes or Take a Break?

Should your kids take online summer classes after weeks of zoom learning or take a break? Will taking a break for the entire summer be too much? Social distancing requirements have reshaped Summer 2020 into a new pattern. It’s clear that Summer 2020 will feel different than summers of years past. Because of this, we are all eager to create “typical” summer experiences wherever we can.

The question isn’t really between summer classes or taking a break. There will be plenty of time for both. The question is, how do we help kids make the most of summer vacation? How can our kids engage in enriching activities without feeling burdened? The answer: short, one-hour creative and skill boosting online summer classes. Creative and fun online summer classes are an ideal bridge between free-time and structured activities. The key is to find online summer classes that are interesting, engaging, and light such as the small group and one-on-one classes Franklin is offering. Summer 2020 may be unlike any before, but it should still be filled with fun!  

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