College Admissions


College Admission


Tutors work closely with students to understand their goals and help research programs and schools that match their needs. Tutors help students not only navigate their academic goals, but also help review a college’s campus life.

Application Management

Applying to college can be stressful. By being organized and proactive, tutors help students manage application demands to relieve unnecessary application anxiety.

Admission Essay Support

Through high levels of collaboration, tutors review a student’s essay requirements and help develop a schedule for pre-writing, drafting, and editing.


College Transition

We Utilize a 4-Step Approach to Support a Smooth Transition to College:

  1. Individualized Consultation to Identify Goals, Strengths, and Needs
  2. Campus Life Planning
    • Securing student housing and preparing for dorm life
    • Mapping out local and campus resources
    • Investigating clubs and social supports
  3. Academic Preparation
    • Selecting and preparing for courses
    • Identifying proper study areas
    • Setting daily routines
  4. Ongoing Academic and Organizational Support
    • Tutoring and organizational support
    • Strengthening study and test prep skills
    • Maintaining routine, nutrition, and self-care