Auditory and Visual Processing


Auditory and Visual Processing Challenges

Generally speaking, information processing challenges do not involve hearing acuity or seeing acuity, but rather involve difficulty processing, retaining, and recalling information that has been heard or seen.

Franklin-approved tutors use a variety of strategies known to be effective in supporting students with auditory and visual processing delays.

Some of these strategies include visualization, repetition, and multiple opportunities to retrieve information they have learned. With each retrieval, information becomes more securely embedded in memory and easier to retrieve when needed. Access to information is critical for success on tests and other school assignments.

Other strategies include:

  • Priming – Preparing a student for the information they are about to receive
  • Beginning and ending homework with important points
  • Infusing content with emotion by expressing a genuine interest in what is being learned
  • Making content relevant by explaining its importance to the student and the world at large
  • Connecting new information with old information
  • Simplifying complex information


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