18+ Winter Activities for Kids to Help Them Recharge

Looking for some great winter activities for kids?

Winter break is the perfect time to unwind from the busy year and parents and kids alike can use this time to rest, refresh and recharge.

Whether you’re planning a lowkey, at home holiday or will be traveling for the season, these tips and winter activities for kids will help your family get ready to face the new year.

Winter Activities for Kids

18+ Winter Activities for Kids to Help Them Recharge

Promote Play


Encourage imagination in the home by giving kids the opportunity to get creative.

Here are ways to get creative with winter activities for kids that can easily be done indoors when the weather turns chilly:

  • Paint a picture
  • Build an airplane
  • Choreograph a dance
  • Write a song
  • Play a board game
  • Build something out of clay

Embrace the Outdoors


Winter activities for kids don’t have to be done indoors, especially in California where warm temps and sunny days are the norm.

Take advantage of the time that kids are free to get outside. 

Here are some fun winter activities for kids that can get them outdoors:

  • Complete an outdoor scavenger hunt (e.g., find a leaf, a spider, a 4-leaf clover)
  • Blow bubbles
  • Go for a walk
  • Search for shapes in the clouds
  • Fly kites
  • Create an obstacle course
  • Play hopscotch

Plan Family Fun Time


Embrace ways to reconnect as a family.

Here are some family-friendly activities to try:

  • Game night (board games, charades, etc.)
  • Outdoor walk or hike
  • Stay-at-home movie night (forts made from pillows and sheets can make fun viewing platforms!)
  • Cooking or baking something together

Winter break passes before you know it!

Take advantage of the downtime to help your child recharge for the new year ahead.