3 Tips To Help Your Child Start The Semester Strong

The new year is here and whether you are a family that makes resolutions and sets goals for success at this time of year, the start of a new semester is always a great time for focus and reflection!

With some effort, planning and focus on your part, you can help your child make the most of this semester and set them up for continued success throughout the school year!

start the semester off strong tips for parents

Start the Semester Off Strong: 3 Tips to Help Your Child Succeed

Tip 1: Reflect

Thinking about where you’ve been, what worked and what didn’t is a great way to start the semester off strong.

Start a dialogue with your child to develop reflective thinking.

  • What do you think went well last semester? 
  • What are some areas that could go even better in the future? 

Tip 2: Plan

Goal setting is so important when it comes to having a strong start to the semester.

Work with your child to set some goals for making improvements in the new year.

  • Let’s set 2-3 goals to make this semester even better than the last one. 
  • What are the steps we can take to achieve these goals?
  • Here’s a helpful resource for setting SMART goals.

Tip 3: Celebrate Small Victories

Positive reinforcement is a great way to encourage your child to have a strong semester. Focus on the things they’re doing well to encourage them to emulate them going forward.

“Acknowledge all of your small victories. They will eventually add up to something great.” -Kara Goucher

Positive language is a great place to start. Be sure you say things like:

  • I love the way you put forth your best effort. 
  • Great work maintaining that new habit! 
  • You’re working so hard on this new skill, and it shows! 

Is your child in need of a bit of extra support to succeed this semester?

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