Choosing the Right Home school Curriculum

Choosing the Right Home school Curriculum


If you go online and google “homeschool curriculum” chances are you will see a plethora of options. How do you make the right choice for your child? The main factors to consider when choosing the right homeschool curriculum for your child are: A) Customization, B) Reputation, and C) Cost.


What kind of learner is your child? Are there any learning differences to consider? For some homeschool curricula, the coursework will follow closely to what is given at a traditional school.  Because of this, these schools provide fewer options for customization, such as allowing for fewer assignments, or allowing for dynamic assessments. If your child thrives in a setting that allows for a broader interpretation of the material, it is wise to contact a representative at the homeschool and ask to see a syllabus and course outline for each class.


It is important to consider the following question when choosing the right homeschool curriculum for your child: What is the chance that my child is going to get into the school of his or her choice after we finish homeschool? Some homeschool curricula have a nationwide, strong reputation that most schools are familiar with, and will accept the transfer of credits. Other homeschool curricula are more specialized, or have a smaller recognition. If you choose curricula from these schools, it may be unclear whether your child will receive credit for his or her homeschooling work. We suggest you talk to the admissions or guidance counselor at the school of your child’s choice to see if they will accept the transcript from the homeschool you are interested in before making your final curriculum selection.


The cost for a homeschool curriculum can be dependent on a few different factors: 1) Reputation, 2) Type of Curriculum, and 3) Service. Some of the more widely-recognized and competitive homeschools are expensive, mainly due to the level of service provided for students transferring to and from traditional schools. Some parents see this cost as worth it, if it makes the admissions process into the next school go smoothly. In terms of the different types of curricula, there are text-based only, online only, and hybrids. Curricula that incorporate textbooks will be more expensive due to the cost of supplying and shipping those books. Conversely, online-only schools will be less expensive.

There are many homeschool curricula to choose from, and it always helps to have a second set of eyes when making the decision. If you are curious about the possibilities, call our office and speak with someone here to get expert advice on the right fit for your child.


John Posatko, MA

Director of Education


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