Social Skills Development and Homeschooling

Parents considering home school often worry that their child will not develop social skills without a classroom full of peers. It’s true that children in classroom settings interact with peers. But frequency isn’t the only factor that leads to a child becoming skilled at positive social interactions. In order for children to develop appropriate social skills, the right pieces need to be in place.

Children with learning and behavioral differences may have difficulty fitting these pieces together in ways that develop strong social skills. Why? Because positive social interactions are borne out of the ability to express ourselves well, express genuine interest in someone else’s experience, and express appreciation for how another person is feeling.

Children with slowly emerging expressive and receptive language skills may not be able to process what peers are saying in time to participate fully in conversations. Children whose interests in others or whose capacities for empathy may be slowly emerging – a common aspect of many behavioral or psychological differences, may be less likely to socially engage with other children in ways that encourage further interaction.

When children are taught one-on-one, like the way we approach home schooling at Franklin, our instructors model appropriate social behavior, guide students toward appropriate social responses, and implement instruction in social pragmatics like SCERTS and Social Thinking. These are the pieces that have to be in place for a child to develop social skills and have positive interactions with peers.

Franklin homeschool students also come together for group projects, semester showcases, field trips, and to celebrate birthdays and holidays. Additionally, every homeschool student, wherever he or she lives or studies, has many opportunities to connect with national and international homeschooling communities on-line and in-person with local homeschooling families. It may be surprising to learn just how social homeschooling can be. The best learning environment for your child will have all the right pieces in place to promote his or her social skills, whether it be in your home, in a traditional classroom, or in a learning center like Franklin.


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