A Conversation with Dr. Daniel Franklin (Blog 4 of 4)

Throughout our work at Franklin Educational Services, Dr. Franklin gets asked many questions about the work we do, how we find the right instructors, and some of the theory behind why Academic Management works. We decided to sit down with him and have him break it down for us, interview style. The next few blogs will feature a Question and Answer session with Daniel Franklin, PhD. We hope you’ll enjoy reading!

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In this blog, we go into a little more detail on homeschool, grades, and test taking.

quote-mark-clipart-1 quote-mark-clipart-1By systematically addressing the underlying reasons for the failing grade we help students improve their grade and learn critical skills that will prevent academic failure in the future.


FT: What is Franklin’s approach to homeschooling?

DF: One-on-one home schooling with Franklin is a fun and flexible alternative to traditional school. We provide a fully accredited K-12 curriculum that can be modified to the unique learning needs of each student. We offer our home schooling at our learning centers, at your home, or at a location of your choosing.

FT: What do you do when students come to Franklin with low grades?

DF: One of the biggest concerns students have at school is a failing grade.  Fortunately there’s a solution.  We help students identify why they’re failing and then implement carefully designed strategies to turn things around.  By systematically addressing the underlying reasons for the failing grade we help students improve their grade and learn critical skills that will prevent academic failure in the future.

FT: Many parents call and say their son or daughter suffers from test anxiety. How does Franklin tackle this?

DF: Most students feel some degree of anxiety when they have to take a test.  For some students, the level of anxiety is so great that they perform significantly below expectations.  There are five key strategies that can significantly reduce test anxiety and result in a better grade.

  1. Anticipate what will be on the exam
  2. Create a study plan that allots sufficient time to master the material
  3. Develop a thorough understanding of the material through repeated study
  4. Create practice exams that approximate what the real exam will look like
  5. Devise a strategy to manage time while taking the test

When students incorporate these five strategies, they tend to exhibit lower levels of test and anxiety and perform better on their tests.

A Conversation with Daniel Franklin, PhDFT: How can parents stay apprised of the work the Franklin Academic Manager does with their child?

DF: In order to maintain the high quality of our tutoring services, our tutors submit monthly reports of their work to each student’s parents and to me.  As the clinical director of all of our services, I have a keen interest in making certain we are doing the best job we can.  In addition, we provide parents with surveys to make sure they are entirely happy with our services.  If a change is needed, we act fast.  These are some of the ways we maintain the highest quality level possible.

FT: What age group does Franklin primarily support?

DF: We are eager to help your child succeed at school. We provide support to students from kindergarten through college and beyond and at all levels, including AP and Honors classes. Please contact us so we can discuss ways we can help your child. We look forward to hearing from you.

FT: Where does Franklin Educational Services operate?

DF: We serve all of Los Angeles County, Orange County and surrounding cities.  We have learning centers in Brentwood and in Newport Beach where we provide home schooling, educational therapy, tutoring, test preparation, and many other educational services.


We hope you’ve enjoyed this 4-part conversation series with Dr. Franklin! Be sure to stop by our blog every two weeks for more insights on teaching, learning, educational therapy, and education topics.

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