Back to school!

The ads for back-to-school sales are trickling in, and emails about registration, books, and materials are starting to arrive. It’s tempting to block out the signs that summer is ending soon, but it’s a mistake to completely miss out on using these last weeks of summer to increase your child’s chances of school success.  back to school

Using the final weeks of summer to prepare for the new school year paves the way for a smooth transition into the fall and builds momentum for doing well in school all year long. This is the time when parents, tutors, or Academic Managers should start working on academic enrichment activities with students 30- 60 minutes a day.

Elementary and middle school students are helped most by refreshing their math, reading, and writing skills. Educational games and grade-level workbooks make it easy to spend time focusing on grammar, vocabulary, and math facts. As for reading, all reading counts. It doesn’t matter if the book is at the “correct” reading level. And, it doesn’t matter whether a child reads independently, reads aloud, or is read to. What matters is that children enjoy reading so they will be encouraged to read more.

As for reading, all reading counts. quote-mark-clipart-1 quote-mark-clipart-1

The end of summer is also a good time to read literature books that will be read in class during the year. This is especially true for students who benefit from repetition and extra processing time. These books may be less interesting and more challenging. Reading together, even if your child is a strong reader, can make the task an enjoyable experience.

High school students usually have required summer assignments. If they haven’t been started yet, there is still enough time to create a reasonable schedule to complete them. If work is already underway, it’s time to check in and make sure everything is on track. If you discover that your teen needs help developing or maintaining a work schedule, it’s okay to step in and help your teen budget his or her time.

Students who begin the year with completed assignments and refreshed skills are prepared and ready to learn. Starting after-school support on the first day of school keeps the momentum going. After-school support, provided by a parent, tutor, or an Academic Manager, is a system for helping with homework, staying organized and studying when your child needs it. Some days your child may need more support and some days he or she may need less. Consistent access to after-school support helps your child fulfill his or her academic responsibilities which in turn, helps your child stay prepared and ready to learn.

As the summer comes to a close, don’t make the mistake of hitting the snooze button on summer assignments or refreshing academic skills. It’s time to help your child prepare for the school year in order to be successful all year long.

Happy Back to School!

-Rachel Fisher, Executive Director

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