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Students taking AP and Honors classes are often well equipped to handle challenging content, but they are also likely to need extra levels of support to succeed. Why would this be so? Because getting good grades at this level requires students to master difficult concepts quickly, complete large assignments deftly, and consistently earn high marks on tests. To do well, a student must be able to apply a highly structured approach to note-taking, time-management, and studying in order to keep up and master extensive volumes of material.  Although most AP and Honors students don’t always need help in every class, it is common for them to need a tutor’s help in one or more subjects. Franklin recommends identifying an AP and Honors tutor who has content expertise and experience teaching the organizational skills required to succeed in higher level classes.  Franklin’s AP and Honors tutors specialize in their fields.  They have both an in-depth understanding of the material andthe ability to promote the organization and study skills their students need to master concepts, complete homework correctly, and strategically prepare for tests.

If your child would benefit from a tutor’s help to understand course content, get organized, budget time wisely, and identify efficient study techniques, then you should arrange access to support as quickly as possible. Honors and AP classes move fast. Any delays in arranging support can cause a backlog that makes catching up a challenge in itself. Once you have an AP and Honors tutor in place, you can adjust how often your child meets with his or her tutor.

Advanced and accelerated classes may be the most challenging classes, but they are also often the most engaging and interesting. Making sure your child has the support needed to do well in these classes will help him or her get the most out of them while earning their best grades.


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