Get a Tutor

Perhaps your child started the year off strongly, turning in all his or her work, getting As on tests and quizzes, and confidently informing you of how this class was under control. Or, maybe your child had a few stumbles out of the gate, and bombed a test or quiz, but you wanted to give him or her an opportunity to figure it out and steer the ship back to course.  What should you do if your child’s progress report is showing a B-/C+, or worse?

The good news is that it’s never too late to get your child academic support, and frankly the sooner, the better. Whether it’s because of difficulty with specific concepts, a change in the pacing of the class, or extracurricular demands putting added stress on your child’s schedule, he or she would benefit greatly from working with an experienced tutor.

Even if your child is maintaining a good grade, this can be a perfect time to address overall organization, time management and study skills as you approach the end of the semester. Often there are applications, school events and major projects due around the same time, and a combination of any of those factors can throw even the most prepared students for a loop. By proactively addressing those executive functions, you can help your child remain stress free going into the holidays.


John Posatko

Director of Education

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