A Conversation with Dr. Daniel Franklin (Blog 1 of 4)

Throughout our work at Franklin Educational Services, Dr. Franklin gets asked many questions about the work we do, how we find the right instructors, and some of the theory behind why Academic Management works. We decided to sit down with him and have him break it down for us, interview style. The next few blogs will feature a Question and Answer session with Daniel Franklin, PhD. We hope you’ll enjoy reading!


quote-mark-clipart-1Here at Franklin, we are committed to having the best tutors, providing them with the best training, and giving them the best support so that our students excel.


Franklin Team (FT): How did you get started with the work that you do?

Daniel Franklin, PhD (DF): I began my career in education over 30 years ago as a classroom teacher. From that experience, I developed an in-depth understanding of what makes school challenging and how we can help students be more successful at school. I use every one of my 30 years of experience to help our students achieve their educational goals.

As a graduate student at Harvard University, where I earned my Master’s degree in Reading, Language, and Learning Disabilities, I learned strategies to promote reading comprehension, writing skills, memory, learning, and motivation. While completing my PhD in Education at UCLA, I implemented these strategies in my work as an educational therapist. I went on to become a Board Certified Educational Therapist specializing in dyslexia, ADHD, and executive functioning support. My education isn’t over: I work hard every day to keep up on the latest developments in the field of education.

Daniel Franklin, PhDFT: What is the Franklin approach?

DF: We call our approach to tutoring Franklin Certified Academic Management.  Franklin Certified Academic Managers integrate a variety of teaching strategies to help their students perform at their best. Franklin Certified Academic Managers® are graduates of top colleges who have completed our exclusive certification program.

Doing well at school is challenging, even for the best students. Having the help they need when they need it is the key to success. But finding the help a student needs isn’t always easy. Here at Franklin, we are committed to having the best tutors, providing them with the best training, and giving them the best support so that our students excel.

FT: What are the requirements for Franklin tutors?

DF: Our tutors have a sophisticated understanding of the subjects they teach. They are also equipped with a variety of effective strategies to promote study skills, memory, organization, and time management. Having the right tutor is critical for success at school.

We have developed a rigorous eight-step selection process for our tutors, all of whom are graduates of four-year colleges and many of whom hold advanced degrees. This selection process includes the careful evaluation of a prospective tutor’s resume, writing sample, college and graduate school transcripts, and performance during our two-interview process. We conduct reference checks and background checks.

Our eight-step selection process helps us make sure every student gets the best tutor possible.

FT: How do you ensure that your Academic Managers use Franklin methodologies when working with students?

DF: Drawing on the latest findings in the field of education, our training provides our tutors with effective strategies to promote learning and essential study skills. This exclusive training is accredited by a leading Southern California university for graduate-level credit.

FT: How do you find the right tutor for each student?

DF: We evaluate each student’s learning characteristics and needs. Based on this evaluation, we carefully match each student with a tutor who not only has expertise in the specific subject areas where support is needed but who also has a personality that will help the student stay motivated. The right match is the key to success.


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