Summer Vacation or Summer School? (How about both?)

Summer vacation conjures up images of long days of sunshine and barbecues.

But summer vacation shouldn’t be all play for K-12 students and The National Association of Summer Learning (NSLA) explains why. Children in these grades can lose over two months of math skills and they consistently under perform on fall testing. Fortunately, preventing academic skill loss can be done in a way that still leaves plenty of time for relaxing in the sun.

summer vacation and summer studiesSummer academics fall into three categories: catching up, maintaining mastery, and getting ahead. Children who have slowly emerging academic and executive functioning skills need extra exposure to content taught during the school year. Summer offers the chance for focused work in the greatest areas of need. Most often, these areas are reading fluency, reading comprehension, writing, and math.

Maintaining mastery can be accomplished through review and pre-teaching sessions toward the end of summer – about two to three weeks before the new school year begins. These sessions help children and young adults start the next school year prepared and ready to excel. A strong start to the school year is the best way to achieve a strong finish, particularly in high school where the pace can be accelerated and grades factor into college admissions.

Children and teens can use the summer to pursue academic interests they might not have time to explore during the school year or get ahead and raise academic skills above grade-level.

Franklin Summer Enrichment helps children catch up, maintain mastery and get ahead in academic skills, complete summer assignments, boost executive functioning skills, and prepare for standardized tests like the ISEE, ACT, and SAT.

Franklin Summer School offers over 240 WASC and NCAA approved foreign language, elective, and core subject classes.

Franklin instructors work with students in the home or meet at a Franklin Learning Center.

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Happy summer!

-Rachel Fisher, Executive Director


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