Thoughts from Daniel Franklin, PhD, BCET

The Value of Collaboration 

I wish it were possible to say that if you work with your child collaboratively for six weeks or six months, he or she will acquire all of the capacities needed to manage the demands of school independently. But the truth is that many children with LBLDs need years of collaborative support to contend with school while their written language and executive functioning skills are emerging.  

Providing your child with the help that he or she needs doesn’t mean you are hindering skill development. In fact, there are few things that hinder skill development more than withholding support when it is needed. Forcing children to contend with overwhelming situations on their own diminishes learning, reduces confidence, increases anxiety, and raises the level of conflict in the home. When you confidently and proactively support your child in all the areas where help is needed, you will provide him or her with the fastest route to learning, skill development, and independence. 


Excerpt taken from page 48 of Helping Your Child With Language-Based Learning Disabilities (2018) 

Franklin, D. (2018). Helping your child with language-based learning disabilities: Strategies To Succeed In School & life with dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, Adhd, & processing disorders. New Harbinger Publications (48).