Reading Skills

Learning to Read vs. Reading to Learn

Until a student is a skilled reader, acquiring information from written material can be challenging. Franklin-approved tutors provide appropriate bypass strategies to support students with slowly emerging reading skills. As students become more skilled readers, Franklin-approved tutors introduce advanced reading comprehension strategies.

Developing Vocabulary

A well-developed vocabulary is essential for good listening and reading comprehension. By targeting specific vocabulary words in each student’s reading, tutors can improve and develop a student’s vocabulary.

Advanced Reading Comprehension

As students become more skilled at reading, they are capable of learning advanced reading comprehension strategies such as skimming and scanning, annotating, and writing chapter summaries. Franklin-approved tutors teach these advanced reading strategies.


Writing Skills


Franklin-approved tutors help students break down writing prompts, understand rubric requirements, support research, and guide students through the entire writing process. Through this approach, students become skilled writers.


For slowly emerging or reluctant writers, a Franklin-approved tutor can initiate the drafting process by engaging students in a conversation about the prompt, taking dictation, and providing guidance throughout the entire writing process.


For many reluctant writers, their first draft is their final draft. Franklin-approved tutors can proofread writing assignments with your student and make suggestions for edits to produce clear, effective, and mechanically-correct writing.


Literature and Advanced English Concepts

For students attending upper-level English and Literature classes, Franklin-approved tutors offer a high degree of expertise in multiple literary genres.