College Application Prep

When is the right time to start college application prep?  Private college counselors often encourage college application planning to start in ninth grade, but it can feel premature. In tenth grade, discussing college applications, may easily generate more anxiety in your child than productivity. Eleventh grade seems like the right time to dive deeply into […]

A Conversation with Dr. Daniel Franklin (Blog 4 of 4)

Throughout our work at Franklin Educational Services, Dr. Franklin gets asked many questions about the work we do, how we find the right instructors, and some of the theory behind why Academic Management works. We decided to sit down with him and have him break it down for us, interview style. The next few blogs […]

Summer Vacation or Summer School? (How about both?)

Summer vacation conjures up images of long days of sunshine and barbecues. But summer vacation shouldn’t be all play for K-12 students and The National Association of Summer Learning (NSLA) explains why. Children in these grades can lose over two months of math skills and they consistently under perform on fall testing. Fortunately, preventing academic skill […]