Academic and Organizational Resolutions for the New Year

We typically think of New Year’s resolutions as something to be undertaken only at the start of the year. While the academic year may be underway, this is still a perfect time for students to hit the “reset” button and make resolutions that will help them become better learners. A new year means a new […]

Transitioning to home school

Transitioning from one school to another mid-year may not be common, but it does happen frequently. It usually happens after a family has been unhappy throughout the fall and feels intuitively that their current school is not a match for their child – whether it’s socially, academically or a combination of both. Some private, independent […]

Self-Reflection and New Year’s Resolutions

While some people like to get a head start, most of us don’t really think about New Year’s resolutions until December 30th or 31st. It’s hard not to look back on the past year as we get ready to usher in the next. Even if you don’t make “resolutions”, taking a little time to consider […]

How to Read With Your Child

You do not need extensive training or sophisticated instructional materials to provide your child with excellent reading support. You, as the parent, can help your child stay ahead of his or her reading assignments more easily than you think. Below is a guide on how to create a culture of language in your home, provide […]

Giving the Gift of Kindness Before Winter Vacation

After Thanksgiving, there is a flurry of events at school. There are class parties during the day, and evening concerts and recitals during the week. And, sports tournaments and holiday parties with families and friends on the weekends. It’s a challenging schedule to keep while keeping up with homework, finishing projects, and reviewing for big […]

Gratitude, Reflection, and Learning

Thanksgiving arrives next week. And, although what most of us “know” about Thanksgiving is more myth than fact, setting aside a day to express gratitude is a longstanding tradition across many cultures and countries. The process of reflection and expressing gratitude has now been shown to have several health and psychological benefits.  Some of which, […]

Feel a Little Spooked About What Lies Beyond High School?

Whether your child will be going straight into a four-year university, attending a junior college, taking a gap year, or entering the workforce, life after high school opens up considerably. The extended freedoms are understandably exciting for the kids, but can easily become anxiety-producing, even down-right scary, for parents. Feeling confident about your child leaving […]

School Tour Checklist

If you are making the rounds on the open house circuit to check out potential new schools for your child, you may be wondering how you can tell which school will be right for your child. When I sit down with families seeking school placement support, I offer the following reminders: Can the school meet […]

How to Best Communicate with Your Child’s Teachers

At this time of the year, as we approach mid-term report cards, we recommend checking in with your child’s teachers. Those back-to-school night invitations to “email or call with any questions, comments or concerns” should be taken seriously; however, is there a “right or wrong” way to check in with your child’s teachers? Is there […]

Tips to prepare for ISEE SSAT HSPT tests

If your child is applying to attend a private middle or high school next fall, you are probably in the middle of Open Houses, application essays, and helping your child prepare to take either the Independent School Entrance Examination (ISEE), Secondary School Admissions Test (SSAT), or the High School Placement Test (HSPT). Here are a […]