When is the right time to find a tutor for your child?

By this time in the school year, your child may have received his or her first progress report. Perhaps it’s lower than you thought it would be. Or maybe now that the semester is underway, and the pace of instruction has picked up, your child is starting to feel a little overwhelmed. Should you be […]

Balancing School and Extra-Curricular Activities

Long gone are the days when kids would come home from school and simply play together on the street until their mother’s whistled to come inside for dinner. These days, it’s common to find parents feeding children in their cars as they race between school, sports practices, music lessons, dance classes, coding clubs, tutoring centers, […]

SCERTS-based Teaching

What is “SCERTS-based teaching”? It is a model for teaching students with autism, and it stands for Social Communication, Emotional Regulation, and Transactional Support. The SCERTS model draws on the work of Dr. Barry Prizant and his colleagues at Brown University, and it is an evidence-based, practical approach that effectively accommodates a variety of instructional […]

Making the Most of Back-to-School Night and Parent-Teacher Conferences

A new school year often means getting to know a new teacher. Meeting our child’s teachers at parent-teacher conferences or Back to School night can be exciting, daunting, or combination of the two. These opportunities are not to be missed though. They provide context for our child’s learning experiences and can reshape our own perceptions […]

Social Skills Development and Homeschooling

Parents considering home school often worry that their child will not develop social skills without a classroom full of peers. It’s true that children in classroom settings interact with peers. But frequency isn’t the only factor that leads to a child becoming skilled at positive social interactions. In order for children to develop appropriate social skills, the right pieces […]

Choosing the Right Home school Curriculum

Choosing the Right Home school Curriculum   If you go online and google “homeschool curriculum” chances are you will see a plethora of options. How do you make the right choice for your child? The main factors to consider when choosing the right homeschool curriculum for your child are: A) Customization, B) Reputation, and C) […]

Tips for a Successful School Year

Each new school year is a fresh start. By adding a few items to your back-to-school checklist, you can significantly increase the likelihood that your child will have a better year – all year long. Supplies – you don’t need anything fancy or expensive, but you should corral the supplies your child needs to complete […]

Considering 1:1 Schooling

Individualized learning has become extremely popular. In 1:1 schooling, or home schooling, a child cannot be left behind, passed over, or left to fall through the cracks. Students not only discover a more direct path to content mastery, but have time left over to explore personal interests. At Franklin, we frequently meet families interested in […]

The Benefits of Homeschooling

More than ever, students are required to keep up with the ever-changing nature of today’s world. Students no longer need a traditional classroom environment in order to gain the necessary skills to compete and thrive later in life. As a result, homeschool instruction is becoming more popular than ever before. The question is, can homeschool […]

A tutor can help students cram for finals!

The word “cram” can carry a negative connotation, but many of us have found ourselves staying up late, preparing for a test or project, and performing well as a result. Some of us find it beneficial to be pushed to the limits of what we are comfortable with. Others, however, find it deeply stressful and […]