What’s a Kid to Do This Summer? Take Summer Classes or Take a Break?

Should your kids take online summer classes after weeks of zoom learning or take a break? Will taking a break for the entire summer be too much? Social distancing requirements have reshaped Summer 2020 into a new pattern. It’s clear that Summer 2020 will feel different than summers of years past. Because of this, we […]

Expanding Virtual Support: Online Tutoring & Online Homeschooling

Expanded Virtual Support The current Covid-19 health crisis has changed the educational landscape for a majority of students. California school campuses have closed for the duration of the academic year, and learning has gone digital. Franklin Educational Services has responded with an expansion of our virtual support services to help students navigate the new challenges […]

Do AP and Honors Students Need Tutors?

Students taking AP and Honors classes are often well equipped to handle challenging content, but they are also likely to need extra levels of support to succeed. Why would this be so? Because getting good grades at this level requires students to master difficult concepts quickly, complete large assignments deftly, and consistently earn high marks […]

When to Get a Tutor

Perhaps your child started the year off strongly, turning in all his or her work, getting As on tests and quizzes, and confidently informing you of how this class was under control. Or, maybe your child had a few stumbles out of the gate, and bombed a test or quiz, but you wanted to give […]


If you have a child in high school, you are probably wondering which college entrance exam is better, the ACT or SAT? Even though the number of “test optional” colleges is rising, most college-bound high school students take at least one or both the ACT and SAT. There are rumors that the ACT is kinder […]

Homeschooling Options for Families Who Travel

Some jobs require employees to relocate to another city, or even country, for a period of time. What should you do in this situation for your child, who may be in the middle of his or her school year? There are a few important items to consider for home schooling or distance learning programs, especially […]

How to Prevent the Summer Slide

There has been a lot of research over the years on how students take a step back in their academic progress and have somewhat of a slide over the summer. Some studies show that students lose up to three months of their grade level equivalency, with math skills taking the hardest hit. Anecdotally, you can […]

Reflecting on the 2018 – 2019 Schoolyear

It’s hard to believe the school year is ending so soon. In many ways, the start of the 2018 – 2019 schoolyear seems like it was eons ago. In other ways, it feels like the first days of school were only last month. We’ve watched our children develop skills, strengthen friendships, and explore their interests. […]

How to Set Healthy End-of-Year Expectations with Your Child

By now you and your child should have a general idea of what his or her final grades will be for this semester, barring an unexpected score on a final exam or project. If you have not had a conversation with your child about his or her grades yet, now is a good time. When […]

It’s Never Too Late to Show Teacher Appreciation

Did you forget that May 7th was Teacher Appreciation Day? Don’t worry – there are plenty of ways to show your child’s teachers that you value their service. Modeling appreciation fosters healthy communication, perspective and gratitude in children, and helps them navigate all types of interpersonal dynamics that they’ll encounter throughout their academic careers. The most […]